About Us

Before the age of towns and roads, a series of caverns and tunnels crisscrossed all of Central Florida. The Timucuan tribe would use these tunnels in their everyday travels and as a safe place to rest.

I relate this tale to you from drawings found on these walls of the many caverns in the area of modern day Marion County.

Many moons ago, in a place now known as Belleview, three friends sat around a campfire passing the peace pipe.

There was, “bold girl with crazy hair”, “kindly little fat man”, and “squeaky clean sparrow”.

The Timucuan were service people. There was no such thing as money. There was only barter. It was the intention of the friends to partner up and offer a service that many in the tribe could use.

The friends noticed that many people were building new shelters. Often there would be much clean up needed before a new family could occupy the space. It became the mission of the friends to prepare new spaces for occupancy.

The venture flourished….and the friends danced and sang.

     “Yackity Yak”

The friends became known as BKS. (B for bold, K for kindly, and S for squeaky clean).

Many in the tribe felt they would like BKS to return every moon, and life was good, and the friends danced and sang.

     “Yackity Yak, we’ll clean that”

There came a day when the sun did not shine. Bold girl would sing no more.

Kindly and Squeky decided to carry on without their lost friend. They became known as “A Squeaky and Kindly cleaning service”. The neighbors just called them “ASK”.

To this day, from the mighty mountain in the town of Dora right up to the great plains of Fort King, you can still hear of the legend known as ASK…and you’ll hear their music in the wind…

     “We take out papers and the trash, and it don’t take a lot of cash,

     We mop the floor and shake your rugs, we even clean your coffee mug,

     Yakity Yak, …We’ll Clean That!”