WHY? Really, why should we be your cleaning service? Why do you need a cleaning service at all? WHY!?

Why does ASK exist?

     In 2005 a perceived opportunity presented itself. A chance to clean brand new homes seemed to be a wonderful way for three friends to earn a living. Why? We were all natural service people. We had a desire to serve, at a profit, in what seemed a very simple industry.

     We expanded in many directions since that time, with SERVICE at the core of every new offering.

Why is ASK still here?

     It's the basic WHY. We are service people. Our experiences have led us to always question how we can SERVE YOU BETTER.

Why hire us?

     With the hundreds of cleaning services you can choose from, what is different about ASK?

     All cleaning companies are the best, or the most meticulous, or the greenest, or the best equipped. All cleaning services offer great value or the happiest and best paid staff.

     Our aim, our reason for doing what we do, is to serve. To serve the customer, to serve the employee, to serve the supplier and to serve our community. And maybe, just maybe, serve the entire planet!