Residential Cleaning

Residential home cleaning accounts for nearly 50% of ASK’s entire incoming revenue. We look to serve you in a way you NEED to be served, in the manner in which you WANT to be served. It’s our goal to put together a program tailored to your lifestyle.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar…

You’ve come home for the third time this week, and before you can kick off your shoes or even think about starting dinner, you need to do some housekeeping.

There’s a PTA meeting tonight and you still haven’t had a chance to clean the bathroom.

It’s your turn to host the play date and the vacuum is hidden behind a mountain of toys that you just spent a whole afternoon picking up.

You have a regular “sitter” or a nanny, and you want them to spend more time with the little ones. You have a pet or two,(or four or five), and it’s all you can do to keep them fed and healthy.

At ASK our goal is to serve you. We will put together a service to fit your life.