Post Construction Cleaning

ASK Cleaning Services     This part of our business gives us the chance to serve many different but related clients.

     All the best cleaning companies, contractors, sub contractors, real estate brokers and inspectors realize, (or should realize), the buyer, or renter is the number one customer in a post construction cleanup.

     At ASK, our WHY. Is that we want to serve all these clients.

We want the contractor and all the subcontractors to proudly show off their work with out any dust or debris or splashes of paint or stickers on the windows or cabinets detracting from their projects.

We want the real estate broker to walk through a site with their client and proudly point out every area and not once have to say, “it will look better once it’s cleaned.”

We especially want the renter or family or developer to be overwhelmed at the prospect of moving into this space. A new start, a step up or a perfect facility.

It’s our goal that everyone involved in a project not only say, “its good enough”, but “how can I do more business with ASK”?

ASK offers full SYSTEMS of Post Construction and Remodel Cleaning. We will make your work shine and get the cleaning done on time, and on budget!